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Contact Us
Please contact us to assist you with your project.
5766 Catawaba Ct. 
Gaylord, MI  49735

P 989.448.4631

Send general inquires to:
Annette Kowatch

CAD Technician
Office Manager

Lawrence Technological University 

Justin L. Kowatch, PE, LEED-AP

Principal Engineer

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering ~ Michigan Technological University (1995)

J L K  E n g i n e e r i n g , P L L C   C o n s u l t i n g   E n g i n e e r s   |   5 7 6 6   C a t a w a b a   C t .   |   G a y l o r d,  M I   4 9 7 3 5   |   P  9 8 9 . 4 4 8 . 4 6 3 1